end of March 2013


So I didnt really book loads of fairs but I did one at Grenoside community centre, It was alright, It was more of a table top sale, thingy. 

 I know some ladies,  Anita & Pam they have stalls at chapeltown market and she mentioned it, so I thought I'd give it a shot. It was a nice place and the people were friendly. I met a lady, Diane. She had the table next to me, she was really friendly. I also met 2 other ladies that sold handbags, They knew a couple friends of mine, I'll have to find out their names and stuff, but they were great.

I didnt sell much but alot of people took my card and inquired about comissions, so we'll see what happens.

It's quite strange sitting there, waiting for someone to say "Oh, that's lovely. I will buy it!" I tried to look busy by drawing but really inside I was thinking, "Buy something!!" It's strange, I dont usually think before I speak but I find myself contemplating alot, when I sit at my stall. It's nothing to do with the art or the sales. I watch people and their actions and words, they seem to send me off somewhere else. Weird!!

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