10, march, 2013


I have decided to try some art fairs, I have applied with http://www.penistoneartisanfayre.co.uk/   their website and their fb page https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Penistones-Artisan-Fayre/356826704352523.

On the day, I had expected rain and cold, it was freezing. My fingers went numb and I tired hard to continue drawing to try to keep them warm but that didnt work, They were just numb...It was damp and wet,but  the organizers were great. They made sure everything went smoothly, very professional. I met Sarah Catteral, she was very helpful.

Overall, I loved it. I enjoyed talking to the people that popped into my gazebo. I had a chat with a few of the other traders. I have to admit I was very nervous to begin with, it was my first ever stall and I didnt know what to expect. I had a chat with Louisa Kemp, from http://louisakemparts.moonfruit.com/ her fb page https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/louisa-kemp-arts/267917239864 . She gave me some very helpful advice, at the end of the day she didnt have to, she didnt know who I was or anything, but she did and that's all it took a few tips from a kind stranger to put your mind at ease. It turned out to be a good day, lots of lovely people and sales, we likey!!!

I will definitely do it again...

I have decided to write a blog, despite my many attempts at avoiding all situations where it was deemed necessary. I am non-the-less writing one as we speak, Why you ask? Well because I have decided it was time everything was on record, my past, my present and my future.... The world is continuing to evolve and I along with it.
If you have ever known me for a moment in your life and have regretted it, I applaud you for surviving me. If however you are one of the few that have found joy in knowing me, well again I applaud you for surviving me. You may think these are the ramblings of an over-bearing, little Miz thinks-the-world-evolves-round-me type. Well !! You may be right !!

I want this blog to speak of my life and my world; if you would like your say, feel free to put some comments down. I want to tell the world of how I came to be. I have had a colorful past, a rocky present and probably a ridiculus future. There will be lots of reflection of the stupidity of the past and maybe some enlightened ideas for the future. I hope you enjoy reading it, I will try my very best to record everything, So
welcome..., welcome to my verse....my artistic and reflective journey.....

Art is visual poetry, life is poetry in motion, this...is....my....verse.......