April, 8, 2013


Feelin a bit "MOOOOO......" today, I feel disappointed, I dunno, the weekend didnt help!!

I dont understand it, everyone seems to say they like the drawings and paintings, are they just saying what I want to hear? If it's shit, why cant they just say, "Oi, your arts shit mate?" and then I'd understand.But they dont, they say it's lovely and walk away. Maybe it's me, maybe this whole thing is ridiculus, ................................................................ I dont want to be a millionaire, I just want my art to be seen, for someone to have it in their home and wake up in the moring and say "wow". and appreciated it............I know in general I am harsh on myself, I am my worst critique, yes I am a stereotype, blahhhhh....

I remember being this way all my life, being down, saying it's me...if anyone out there remembers the early days, I calll it the years I cant remember from 18-27, I do remember them, i remember everything, I'd like not to but what can I say, I was young and free, slightly mental and shagging anything that walked, and I didnt care, dont like me what f**king ever....."Next !!" It didnt bother me, maybe I am maturing, calming down, maybe I have lost my "HUmFFFF!!""

I loved life then, and really didnt give a flying-f**K, and now i seem to....care...things didnt go my way , oh well!! F**K It!!.

Where is that Diana? I need to find her. She needs to haul her ass back here. Over the years she has come and gone, like during the w*nker years living with WM, he was a prick, If I ever saw him again, honestly I'd stab him, If any of you guys know who I'm talking about, you don't have the full story either, even with part of it you'd get where I was coming from....he's a wank stain on the tissue of life!!!!

You know what, I am gonna find her, that b*tch needs to come back.

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