3 out of 5, not bad!! Yippee.... I will also be joining the portraits of distinction competition....wish me luck!!

Art in the gardens info taken from http://www.webexpressguide.com/sheffield/article.php?id=453

Art in the Gardens

The Scottie Gallery in association with Sheffield City Council is organising an annual juried Art Competition & Exhibition in Sheffield’s Botanical Gardens. It is set to be the largest event of its kind in the North!
I will put more of their info on the bottom.....

So I had to decide on five pieces to be juried....arghhhhh
Anarchy's son, acrylic on canvas 40 by 40

I like this one because of what you see in his eyes, (I wont tell you what I see as I dont want to influence what YOU see). The movement and characteristic image. Well, lets not go to deep.... feel what you feel...

The showgirl , graphite on paper, A4
I like this one because it took me ages to draw, the hair, the feather thingy, the clothes....
Twisted, acrylic on board
I like this one because it was one of my really earlier paintings, not that early I was about 18 as those of you who know me well enough can tell by the tattoos.....

..and this one .... well pretty obvious, I think. My little princess Nicole and her smile, and this took me 10 days to draw...

Nic's smile, graphite on paper, A4
Mood, mixed media on canvas

this one was a free hand abstract piece....something different.....

The ones below were also considered but.....
Art in the GardensThe Scottie Gallery in association with Sheffield City Council is organising an annual juried Art Competition & Exhibition in Sheffield’s Botanical Gardens. It is set to be the largest event of its kind in the North!

Fun activities will be organized to encourage children, and there will be lots of entertainment, so people can stay and make a day of the event. Artists in all subjects and all media are being sought to take part in a new event being held for the first time ever in the city’s Botanical Gardens. In partnership with the Scottie Gallery, the City Council is organising ‘Art in the Gardens 2004’, an art competition and exhibition at the Gardens on 4th and 5th September 2004. 

The organisers are looking for artists to take part in the event, believed to be the first of its kind in the North. It will be one of the best opportunities to enjoy, purchase or display original art to a very high standard. 

The event includes:

· Art exhibition and competition marquee with over 2000 pieces of art;

· Children’s art activity marquee;

· Sheffield art and craft market;

· Children’s entertainers, face painting & magic show;

· A themed ‘East meets West’ floral art marquee;

· Live music and performing artists;

· Photography marquee;

· Showcase of botanical artists;

· Garden sculpture exhibits;

· Professional artists - sales and demonstrations;

· Good food and refreshments; and

· The art of Bonsai, origami and ikebana (Japanese flower arranging) 

The art and craft market will also be located centrally on the Botanical Gardens broadwalk. A panel of professional judges will judge the art competition. 
Anne Barron, from the Scottie Gallery said: “This event is dedicated to celebrating art in its broadest terms, and we are hoping to have artworks in a wide variety of media and subjects.

She continued, “Exhibitors will be given the option of having their work included in the various juried competitions for professional or amateur artists or simply displayed for sale and for the public’s enjoyment. Artists will be encouraged to work on current pieces of art so that the public can see how these develop and will be able to interact with the artists and ask questions. 
“Fun activities will be organized for children themed on art and the environment. There will be lots of entertainment so people can make a whole day of it.” 

Cllr Gill Furniss, Cabinet Member for Development, Environment and Leisure said: “The Sheffield Botanical Gardens is host to the Florilegium Society (botanical artists). This event will be a rare opportunity to see or display botanical art of the finest standard. As far as I am aware, nothing like this takes place anywhere else in the North so it’s a unique opportunity. Interested artists should contact us for an information pack.” 

For competition, artist and stall enquiries please contact Anne Barron, 0114 2663156. For all other enquiries please contact either Howard Simpson, Parks Events, 0114 2736839 or Joe Rowntree, Curator of the Botanical Gardens, 0114 2676496. There is information on the Council’s website: . The Botanical Gardens website address is www.sbg.org.uk .

June 10th, 2013



7th June 2013


so...been looking up about the sfumato technique....gonna try that soon...been doing it on my Jax Teller painting but only in certain areas....the chiarscuro technique is also quite fascinating...probably why Jax's background is black hut need time work on the lighting n reflections on his skin....but we'll see...,

14 april 2013


So that's up on FB and anywhere else I can think of, need to drum up some sales.....I was reading this article http://www.artnews.com/2013/04/02/artnews-april-retrospective/ about the myth of the starving artist in Art News, it's through the amount of money people pay for a known artist and how it doesnt trickle down to the unknown ones, everyone seems to want to find something new but no one is willing to take a risk, maybe if I ran around naked on the streets with my paintings in hand I might get the publicity required......Hmmm....food for thought.....

On the other hand I did my first every hash tag, do I sound old....who cares?? ... #artbydianasanderson
also #iggydejesuscollection  but that needs unveiling so old on to your socks.....

April 08th, 2013


So far, I have had 2 fairs. There was a last minute one mary's marvellous vintage and craft market https://www.facebook.com/thunpuss?ref=tn_tnmn#!/pages/Marys-Marvellous-Vintage-and-Crafts-Market/209740775743719?fref=ts, it turned out to be a very sunny day. It was cold and I wasnt looking forward to the weather but as it grew later in the afternoon it started to get warmer. The other stall holders were friendly and the set up was very professional. We got free coffees and teas and 50% off food, excellent. I met my FB friend Louisa kemp http://louisakemparts.moonfruit.com/,for the first time. She had a good day and she had some really nice pieces to sell. There seemed to be alot of people dressed up in vintage clothing, loads of lookers but not really buyers. Speaking to some of the other stall holders they didnt seem too pleased either. I think the guy next to me did really well, but from what I could gather he seemed to be quite well established already, Oh! Well!! ..... boooooh....

The one at Wentworth Castle garden. This seemed very well organized and it was £1 for coffees/teas, minus the queing...lol
Alot of the people seemed to be walkers and families, just looking.....I met a lady, Fiona. She had the stall beside me. She sold sweets and packages, for wedding, birthdays etc, https://www.facebook.com/paulnfiona.daine?ref=ts&fref=ts#!/TiggersSweeties and her daughter demi was very entertaining on such a quite day. Overall, it was a "MOOOOOH" weekend (for all you friends fans).