14 april 2013


So that's up on FB and anywhere else I can think of, need to drum up some sales.....I was reading this article http://www.artnews.com/2013/04/02/artnews-april-retrospective/ about the myth of the starving artist in Art News, it's through the amount of money people pay for a known artist and how it doesnt trickle down to the unknown ones, everyone seems to want to find something new but no one is willing to take a risk, maybe if I ran around naked on the streets with my paintings in hand I might get the publicity required......Hmmm....food for thought.....

On the other hand I did my first every hash tag, do I sound old....who cares?? ... #artbydianasanderson
also #iggydejesuscollection  but that needs unveiling so old on to your socks.....


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