I have decided to write a blog, despite my many attempts at avoiding all situations where it was deemed necessary. I am non-the-less writing one as we speak, Why you ask? Well because I have decided it was time everything was on record, my past, my present and my future.... The world is continuing to evolve and I along with it.
If you have ever known me for a moment in your life and have regretted it, I applaud you for surviving me. If however you are one of the few that have found joy in knowing me, well again I applaud you for surviving me. You may think these are the ramblings of an over-bearing, little Miz thinks-the-world-evolves-round-me type. Well !! You may be right !!

I want this blog to speak of my life and my world; if you would like your say, feel free to put some comments down. I want to tell the world of how I came to be. I have had a colorful past, a rocky present and probably a ridiculus future. There will be lots of reflection of the stupidity of the past and maybe some enlightened ideas for the future. I hope you enjoy reading it, I will try my very best to record everything, So
welcome..., welcome to my verse....my artistic and reflective journey.....

Art is visual poetry, life is poetry in motion, this...is....my....verse.......



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